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About this Membership Site:

If you're ready to feel more connected, empowered and alive, then join me on a journey of self-discovery and healing! 
When you sign up for the Soul Collective Membership, I'll be your personal coach. I will take the guesswork and confusion out of your daily practices to make them more effective, easy and fun. You’re never on your own, I'll guide you every step of the way. 
The Soul Collective is the perfect place if you are looking to make real progress in your life. It's a place you can come to daily for motivation, inspiration, tools, techniques and guidance.
Come on in and let's get started so you can create health, wealth and happiness and receive the transformations you desire!

Here are the basics: 

You'll get an all-access pass into my world… 
In the Soul Work area we unearth your passions and discover how to move closer toward your dreams and divine purpose by learning new manifestation, future self and spiritual practices. We will work with all of the different obstacles in life that can hold you back from your highest potential and help you to move forward into a life of vitality, joy, creativity, and success. I provide unique tools and techniques to help catapult your personal growth in every area.
The Readings and Messages area is where I give readings and answer your questions live. In this interactive area I use intuitive guidance and other tools to connect you with your truth.
The Light Language Healing section will help you to open up more of your own inner knowing to receive answers from the divine by getting activated by the light codes that you need.
In the Tantra Area we will explore communication, intimacy and how to relate differently in your relationships, whether it's with your significant other, family, or friends. You will discover how to have more pleasure and connection with yourself and others.
In the High Vibe Food area we make plant-based high vibrational meals to maintain your health and vibrancy.
The Plant Medicine area is where you will learn about herbal medicine and how to formulate your own. 
The Daily Life section is where I share personal tips, motivation and thoughts as well as brief nuggets of insights while traveling. 
You may also choose to participate in Subject-Specific Groups dedicated to a variety of themes in order to learn more about each one. For example, you might join the Inner Artist group, Clean Eating group, the Meditation group, and so on in order to be extremely specific about your objectives and share your experiences. 
You will have access to a Members Forum so that you can meet and connect with other members if you so choose. Members appreciate the support and inspiration they get from the community of positive people on the site.
There will also be regularly scheduled livestreams and events. 
This is all included in your subscription!

Come live and learn with me!

As you explore this website, I'll be your partner and guide. I'll be here to help you within all areas of this membership site.
 My approach is holistic, nurturing and empowering. I believe that learning how to increase joy, abundance, love, and fun in every area of your life is essential for success and happiness.
 Let me help you create the life of your dreams! 
This site has been created with you in mind, my students and clients, over the last 35 + years.
No matter where you are or what you're doing, I've got you covered. You will be able to access this community on our private app, which you can download to your phone or device immediately after purchasing on a phone or computer web browser*, so you can access all of this anytime, anywhere you go! You’ll be able to take this site with you if you're on the bike at the gym, sitting at the beach, at a hotel, etc...Enjoy an exclusive, intimate space.
 You’re going to have access to a program and community that will only get better and better and have more content, context, and support added. 
You'll get access to special products and the online courses that I offer at a significant discount and so much more. 
The benefits of membership are endless!

What is the value of a Soul Collective membership?

For about the cost of two 1 hour sessions with me, you can join my inner circle for a full year! 

That's 365 days, 24/7 access to me, a community and so much information for just $24.99 a month!

Or, join the annual membership for just $237.50 a year and get two and a half months free! 

(Please note that these prices will be increasing for both the basic membership and the premium. This is an introductory offer as we launch this site in June 2022. As founding members, you will be grandfathered in at this price when the prices are raised in July!)

  • My private energy healing and intuitive guidance sessions are $145.00 for one hour.
  • I charge $2200.00 for my one-on-one monthly intensive coaching.
  • My 4-day Group Classes are $2750.00
  • My personalized retreats are $3000.00 for 4 days.
That a total of $8,095.00... You will be getting ALL of this information in the Soul Collective membership and SO much more for just $24.99 a month!


Or you can choose the Premium Membership which includes:
  • The Soul Collective Membership -  (24.99 a month) 
  • The Tuesday Night Virtual Healings - (59.97 a month) 
  • Online Courses - (237.50 each for non members - 119.00 for the basic membership)
You will receive all of the benefits that this Membership Site offers.
The Tuesday Night Virtual Healings which are held every Tuesday night over zoom. This is a 45 minute, deeply transformative healing that is received from the privacy of your home while lying on the couch or bed that provides you with physical, mental and emotional healing. You can read more about these healing and see testimonials at
Access to all of the Online Courses created. I will also be hosting live streams for premium members that will be recorded and stored as mini courses for replay - free for all premium members.

 Join the premium membership for only $55.00 a month!

(You save money by becoming a member of the Premium Membership regardless of whether you just attend the Tuesday Night Healings, or only participate in the Online Courses as part of your membership site!)

When you sign up for a basic or premium monthly membership, you’re welcome to stop anytime and rejoin when, and if, you choose. 

Now is your opportunity to create an extraordinary life!


*Please make sure you sign up for this membership site on a phone or computer web browser and then you can go directly to "your account" click personal settings and then click on " text me the app". From there you will have direct access to the app on either your android or IOS mobile devices. 
(This site app is available in the app store but it will cost you 10.00 more a month if you sign up from apple.)
Clicking on the "choose" button in the box's below will open up the option of choosing a monthly or annual membership.
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